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Welcome to https://quixelectricalplumbingbuilders.wordpress.com .

This is the ONLY post we shall “place” in here.


Via: https://quixelectricalplumbingbuilders.wordpress.com

& http://quixnz.wordpress.com wish to advise:

That all Electrical, Plumbing & Builders (trade) enquiries should – in the 1st instance .. be directed through (and thus via) our MAIN (NZ) Electrical, Plumbing & Builders “website” – of:

www.quix-nz.com (and/or) www.quix4u.com

For all your (NZ) Electrical, Plumbing AND Builders “information”.

QUIX – has been here to assist since 1965

(And: Since 1999 – as QUIX4U – via our NZ Company – HSC Ltd)

Give us a call and we shall attempt to “source” the correct answers – to any of your (NZ) Electrical, Plumbing and/or Builders “problems”;
Such as:
1/- WHERE can you get an Electrician, Plumber or Builder … ?
(In your area)
2/- Who do you call – when there’s “a problem” .. ?
3/- Where can “YOU” get a replacement (thingiemajig) part ..?

Or .. if possible .. we shall simply “sub-contract” the relevant workers .. and/or “other” professionals .. to attend to any problem that you may have.

(Even in a related trade .. such as Engineering or Motor_Mechanic)

Give us a call – from any “landline” telephone
(from anywhere “inside” New Zealand)
And we shall do our utmost best:
To “search-out” all options … as quickly as possible
In order to “QU(ick_f)IX” your problem/s.

We are available 24/7 + 365 days per year.
Just L/L call: 0800 QUIX 4U = 0800 7849 48

Or “cell/text” us on: 0275 7849 28

And – It’s EASY to “remember”

Use this QUIX … KEYWORD (catcha) PHRASE
0(OH) – 2(to) – Q(uick) – K(ey) – QUIX – C(ellular) -&- T(ext): 
Simply take the 1st CHARACTER – (from each KEYWORD)
& Thus:
The QUIX “cellphone_number” (must be) = 02 75 7849 28
Have a … HAPPY (and safe) NEW YEAR
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